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Athletes 'Don't Feel Adequately Prepared' for Life After College: Study Abroad Named as a Solution.

Excerpts from Global Sports Matters article written by Patrick Hruby | Tuesday, Sep 21, 2021

When the music stops, many athletes appreciate the quality of the athletic experiences they had. But in hindsight, they often say, “I wish I had time to participate in internships. I wish I had been in career readiness workshops. But this is not something my coach pushed me to do or that our academic advisor mandated for us.”

Are college athletes able to engage in internships? Are they able to engage in things like studying abroad? Studies show that the more time they engage in those broader academic activities, the more likely they will be successful later.


Many athletes never go pro, leaving competitive sport behind after college. Activists and scholars such as Dr. Eddie Comeaux are trying to forge a better future for NCAA athletes by reimagining how the association, its member schools, and coaches can provide fruitful opportunities for athletes during and after college.

Comeaux: One of the biggest issues is that they don’t feel adequately prepared. There’s an ongoing tension while they are in school between athletic obligations and being a true student who is actively engaged in different learning environments.

Comeaux: I’d like to revisit the Letters of Intent that athletes sign when they are high school recruits. None of the terms are negotiated by athletes. What if we reconsidered that? Why not put some terms in there that are more in line with an institution of higher learning and require athletes to be involved in, say, two high-impact academic activities that are sustainable while they are enrolled? And why not require coaches and athletic departments to support and be involved in that?

That means internships, research projects with faculty members, and studying abroad. It also means consequences for athletic programs that don’t invest in the terms and conditions of the contract.

Link here to the full article.

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