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Our Mission

To increase the number of student-athletes learning and playing around the world by building specialized, custom programs that are academically challenging, athletically relevant and culturally immersive.

A History Lesson

Founded in 2008, Global Players was the first ever study abroad program designed specifically for student-athletes to offer the unique opportunity to both study abroad and play in a foreign country. To date we have sent thousands of student athletes abroad and will exponentially grow leveraging modern tools for the new program design. Due to the efforts of GP's Founders, Academic Partners, dedicated staff, and alumni around the world, student-athletes can now bring the "Athlete" with them when they go abroad.

Global Players was founded out of a mutual passion for quality education, athletic participation, international travel, and  global community service.

Our Vision

Global Players' vision is to see student-athletes of different religions, cultures, ethnicities, backgrounds, and socio-economic groups, become globally-conscious, inspiring leaders of tomorrow.

Global Player



A thought leader, a risk-taker, an innovator. They don’t just let the lines of the arena define them but they seek to go out of bounds to compete on a global scale. 

Our Commitment

Since its onset, Global Players has represented hundreds of higher education institutions in the United States and globally to develop leadership and cross-cultural immersion through the vehicle of sport. 

Our signature program design includes the four pillars Learn, Play, Travel, and Serve to make each offering unique and impactful. Each pillar contributes to the overall experience making GP programs one of a kind.


We encourage student-athletes from ANY SPORT, from ANY MAJOR, from ANYWHERE in the world to apply.

Join Us

If you are interested in making a scholarship donation for an International Recruit, partnership/development, or employment opportunities, please contact us.

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