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Sport has the power to transcend language barriers and create a deeper cultural understanding that goes beyond the walls of the classroom. In partnership with universities all over the world, we are creating innovative programs tailored for student-athletes.

We are Student-Athlete Specialists.

In order to create globally-conscious, inspiring leaders of tomorrow, it is vital we ensure both our athletic and academic programming are best in class. Our Academic Partners offer challenging, innovative, and relevant courses which meet a high academic standard while complimenting our customized athletic program. Win-win.


Academic Options

Student-athletes are not only underserved in study abroad but represent a diverse segment of the greater student body. Programming must therefore be specialized and designed with both the ‘student’ and the ‘athlete’ in mind in order to increase enrollment. We offer three tracks plus a hybrid option to provide flexibility to our Academic Partners and this diverse group of students.

Traditional Faculty-Led

This is our traditional faculty-led model tailor-made for athletes. You select a professor to teach a course abroad and we build out a full athletic program and itinerary to compliment your needs and goals. 

Ideal for Universities that have successful Faculty-Led programs but want to add an Athletic component to increase student-athlete participation.

Faculty-Led Team Tour 

Partner with your campus Athletics to take foreign tours to the next level. In 10-14 days team members bond, travel and compete while diving deeper in the host culture.



Ideal for Universities that have Cultural, International or Community Service requirements. These programs have an emphasis on immersion.

Group Internships

A Diversity Abroad Innovation Award recipient, this program is our most popular to-date. Student-athletes join forces to work on business projects for global start-ups all over the world.

Ideal for Universities that prioritize work experience and/or have internships hours as part of graduation requirements.

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Core Services

Based on your University requirements and student-athlete needs we help you:

Choose Academic Track

Select a Location

Determine Dates

Identify Sports

Develop Itinerary

Recruit Student-Athletes

Prepare your Participants

Execute Program

Meet Your Coach

Request more information, request a proposal, learn more about pricing and destinations.

After we received your inquiry, one of our program specialists will follow up with you as soon as possible (usually within a few hours).

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