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You will learn...

✅ The 5 Step GamePlan smart Coaches and Athletic Departments are using to save $30K on Foreign Tours.

✅ How to design a tour so Athletes get the BENEFITS OF STUDY ABROAD like 25% higher starting salaries after graduation.

✅ The 2-3 small tips which make a BIG difference and save time and money while traveling.

✅ How to LEVERAGE a Foreign Tour to attract BETTER RECRUITS. Including international players.

✅ The real reason why using a travel agent is the worst way to design a team tour, and what you can do instead... 

✅ How to do all of this with a COMMUNITY of Coaches doing the same.

Who this is for
High School, College, and Club Coaches.

Develop Leadership and Communication Ski

You want to WIN MORE GAMES and achieve Work-Life Balance

Performance is your top priority... but you don't leave a legacy only with wins and losses. Presenting a team tour at a critical point in the year can boost team morale and turn your season around. You focus on winning on the field, on the court, and in the pool, we will show you how to win in Argentina, Austria, or Australia. 

You want to TRAVEL THE WORLD without fundraising every penny

Spend your budget wisely and offer the best experience to your players. Stop paying 1/3 of your budget to a travel agent/tour provider for a generic itinerary and 1-2 years lead time. Keep more money IN HOUSE while designing your tour with a COMMUNITY of Coaches doing the same! 

You want a UNIQUE SELLNG POINT for Athletes and Recruits 

Here are some stats: 63% of U.S. college freshmen aim to study abroad as of Sept 30, 2022. Students who study abroad earn 25% higher starting salaries than students who do not. Here’s the bottom line: use a team tour as a mini-study abroad experience and unique selling point. We'll teach you how.

International Lacrosse Tournament

Core Content

Program Design

Administrative Approval

Administrative Approval

Budget Planning

Budget Planning

Parent and Player Buy-In

Parent & Player Buy-In

Preparation for the pre-departure

Pre-Departure Prep

Cultural Orientation

Cultural Orientation

Full Program Execution

Full Program Execution

Reflection and Evaluation

Reflection & Evaluation

Alumni Schools

We pride ourselves on the relationships that have been built with hundreds of alumni, coaches and University Partners over the last decade. Here are just a few that have supported the Global Players movement since the onset.

Click here for a full list.

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