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Team Tour—Done With You ($495)

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If you want to save $30,000-$50,000 on a Sports Tour, this program is for you. We guide you through Program Design, Building a Team around you, Booking your Tour, and more. Even if you've never traveled before, you will be supported every step of the way. How it Works: 1️⃣ The price for this Tour is PER PERSON so each Traveler (Coach, Athlete, Trainer, etc.) books individually. Share this link 🔗 with your Players. 2️⃣ Once everyone in your group has purchased the Team Tour—Done With You package, we will put you in a Private Group so all information and communication for your trip is in one place. 3️⃣ Next you will receive access to the Team Tour Online Course with Resources such as defining your Vision & Values, Building an Itinerary and Budget, Booking Flights and Accommodation, Contacting International Teams, Cultural Orientation, Language Basics and more. Also, you get 🔥FREE ACCESS🔥 to the Athlete Course so Athletes can choose to Study | Intern | Coach Abroad before or after the Team Tour! 4️⃣ Then we start the process of designing THE BEST International Tour for your Team. We guide you through online modules, weekly group calls, and introduce you to our Global Players Network in more than 27 countries so you will know the best places to go, eat, stay, and play! 5️⃣ The first step is always the hardest, but you did it! You and your Team are prepared for the adventure of a lifetime... time for lift off! ✈️ Get ready to play the globe, Team GP 💜

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Online Course, 1:1 Coaching, GP Network, $495.00


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Global Players (GP) Network

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