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Athlete Course ($295)

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For High School, College, and Club Athletes who want to study | intern | or coach abroad PLUS continue competing in their sport! Or just TRAVEL + PLAY! With more than 25 years experience, we'll show you EXACTLY how we've done it... and you can too. 🚀 That's right, all the tips and tricks to SAVE up to $5,000 in program fees and get EXACTLY the program you want so you can go to YOUR Target Location, on YOUR Target Dates, and play YOUR SPORT. As Nike says, 'just do it'. 🔥 The Athlete Course has 21 modules PACKED with information like how to get an internship abroad, how to contact international teams, what type of Accommodation can you book, where to go and when, how to enroll in foreign universities and save a ton on tuition, and more! With a Google search bar and this course alone, you will be able to navigate your journey, or you can also add 1:1 Coaching and Weekly Q&A Sessions FOR A YEAR while you are designing your program for only $200 more. Either way, the first step is always the hardest and you are almost there! So see you on the other side and get ready to PLAY THE GLOBE! 🌐

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Online modules only, $295.00



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