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Free MasterClass

In this MasterClass  you will learn HOW TO...

✅ Save at least $5,000 on Study | Intern | Coach Abroad programs specifically for ATHLETES.


✅  Earn 25% higher starting salary and prepare for life after sports and graduation.

✅ Stay in shape, earn credits, or get a valuable internship, PLUS tournaments & trainings with international teams and weekly workouts!


✅ Learn to do all this in 4-6 weeks, together with OTHER ATHLETES doing the same and get ready for a life-shaping experience. 

✅ Use your sport as a vehicle to travel, boost your confidence, and deepen cultural understanding, . 

Design your own

Study | Intern | Coach abroad program

By registering now you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Global Players.

You will have 24-hour access to the MasterClass.

Who This is For
U.S. Athletes and International Recruits.


This is for student-athletes who want to play their sport and intern, study, or coach abroad

You want to PLAY YOUR SPORT + Intern/Study/Coach Abroad 

Have you ever been told if you study abroad you will lose your place on the team? Now you can bring the "Athlete" abroad. Train with local and national teams in your Host Country, register for international tournaments, and join weekly conditioning sessions PLUS earn credits or gain work experience in an internship. Win-Win-Win.

You want to TRAVEL THE WORLD without breaking the bank

Stop paying $5,000 to $10,000 to an agent or study abroad provider for them to give you a program that is NOT the right fit for you. The OLD WAY for International Recruits is to use an agent who only gives you 1 or 2 choices and for U.S. Athletes to go on study abroad programs with NO ATHLETICS. That stops now. 

The program is for athletes who want to travel the world without breaking the bank

You want to choose YOUR Dates, Location, and Budget

Students who study abroad earn 25% higher starting salaries after graduation than students who do not. International experience is no longer a "nice to have" it's a "must have" and now you can design your own program, start an adventure, and build life skills which serve you on and off the field.  

Lacrosse Match

A Day in the Life
[intern abroad]


Rise & Shine

Cycling in Amsterdam

Travel in LOCAL STYLE!

Get ready to bike, bus, metro, walk, run, or hike to your site. 

Get to Work

Student-Athletes working together

Engage with your company daily. Instead of making copies, you’ll be MAKING MEANING.

Stay in Shape

Student-Athletes training together

Workout with international strength coaches. Stay on top of off-season health, fitness, and rest.

Train with Teams

International Tournament

See your sport through a new lens. Tournaments and Trainings with LOCAL & NATIONAL TEAMS.

Live Like a Local

Healthy and local Meals

Lean a new language, try new food, meet new people. MAKE MISTAKES! These are life skills. 

Take a Breather

Hiking at Alps

Get to know your host city plus go OUT OF BOUNDS! We encourage you to explore on free weekends. 

Alumni Schools

We pride ourselves on the relationships that have been built with hundreds of alumni, coaches and University Partners over the last decade. Here are just a few that have supported the Global Players movement since the onset.

Click here for a full list.

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