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GP Athlete Programs


GP Athlete Programs are for High School, College, and Club Athletes who want to Study | Intern | Coach Abroad + continue training in their sport. Our award-winning program design is based on the philosophy that Athletes will be travelers, not only tourists, by the end of their trip.


Now we are sharing our expertise with YOU! 

Why? Because 70% of athletes regret not studying abroad due to athletic participation. Also because most study abroad programs are not designed for Athletes, and generic team tours are missing Academics and Culture. But with our 4-in-1 programs...

Let your SPORT be your PASSPORT!

We are teaching you the ropes so you can compete with international Teams and Coaches, join mixed trainings, technical clinics, scrimmages, and games, attend world sporting events, play in tournaments, coach youth clinics, learn LOCAL sports in cross-training sessions, and more. Plus earn credits, get an internship, or coach abroad!

It's not hard to design your own program —we make it easy.

So join the Global Players Network and we will connect you to Teams, Tournaments, Tours, Housing, Academic and Internship Options, and more. YOU have to do the work though, success is up to you. Don't just go, go deeper. #playtheglobe

Athlete Course


20 min modules.

Listen anytime, anywhere. 


8 Online Lessons

The Athlete Course will introduce you to the award-winning Global Players Program Design.


1:1 Coaching to

guide you every step of the way.


1:1 Coaching + Weekly Q&A

The Course + our Coaches walk you through everything from A-Z, even if you've never traveled before.

1:1 Coaching to

guide you every step of the way.

1:1 Coaching to

guide you every step of the way.

1:1 Coaching to

guide you every step of the way.

IG 2016 Global Girls Walking.jpg

1:1 Coaching to

guide you every step of the way.

Connect with

GP Partners all over the world.

Global Partners Network

We introduce you to our Global Partners in more than 25 countries... see FAQs below. Welcome to the GP Family. 



How does the program work?

GP Athlete Programs are for High School, College, and Post- Grad Athletes who want to Study | Intern | Coach Abroad + continue training and playing. We teach you everything we know about playing and living abroad, then you learn it, apply it, and do it. 


How long does the program last?

We recommend at least 30-days for the Athlete Course, which you can do anytime, anywhere.  Your Program can be as long or short as you want it to be.. do Spring Break dates work for you? Do it.  Full 3-month internship + training and tournaments over the Summer? Yep.  Costa Rica after Christmas? See ya there. 


Do you guarantee an internship placement?

No. Success is up to you. You have to show up, interview well, and have a desired skillset. But we will show you how to find the best international internships, help you with Cultural Orientation and Pre-Interview Prep, plus 1:1: Coaching and weekly Q&A with like-minded Athletes doing the same. 


Does study abroad affect my NCAA eligibility? 

Also no. But make sure to watch the lesson on NCAA Compliance and always check with your Home School.


What's the price of the program? 

The price is $295 for the online course modules only. That's over 20 hours of teaching and 15+ years of experience. If you want to add the 1:1 Coaching and Weekly Q&A for a year to save you thousands of dollars and personally keep you on track to learn, play, travel, and serve, the price is $495.  Enroll here


Do you help with the Housing // Flights // Credit Transfer etc.?

Yes. We walk you through all these aspects of Program Design. Then, we connect you directly to Housing Options we recommend in the Host Country, show you how to find the best Flights, and advise you on the credit transfer process.


What level of Team will I play with ?

That depends on where you go, what time of year, what your level is, and what sport you play. Sometimes you might be the best. Sometimes you might get schooled. Choose accordingly and be ready for everything. 


What if I get lost or I have never traveled ?

Good! There's a closing lesson on how to "get lost and find yourself" for Coaches, Athletes, Parents, and Staff. Enjoy the ride and #playtheglobe. 

Your Instructor


Tara Michael is the the founder of Global Players.


Tara has traveled to more than 70 countries and has lived in seven (7) playing, coaching, and speaking to Athletes, Coaches, and Educators about the benefits and opportunities of travel and sport.


As a Division I NCAA Women’s Lacrosse player, Michael studied abroad in South Africa and Namibia. She later became the Patriot League Scholar Athlete of the Year and went on to play and coach in Australia, England, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Spain before settling in The Netherlands where she coached the Dutch U19's and Senior Women’s National Team.


Michael graduated cum laude with a MBA/MSc from Amsterdam Business School and she has proven success in getting buy-in from athletic departments across the U.S. and expanding the Global Players international athletic network. Michael has received awards in public speaking, innovation, and she was a two-time member of the Diversity Abroad Athlete Task Force.

'Give a team a tour and make them tourists...

Teach a team to travel and make them travelers.'

International Lacrosse Tournament

Alumni Schools

Relationships built with Alumni, Coaches, Educators, and Partners are what fuels the Global Players movement. Below are just a few early adopters, for more references click here.

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