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Study Abroad Offices (SAO), Providers, Coordinators, Consultants, NGO's.

You want an ATHLETE MINDSET even if you've never been an Athlete yourself 

Just like when you visit a new country or region, LEARN THE LANGUAGE of Coaches and Athletes and earn their respect when you walk across campus to the Athletic Department. You are an expert in international travel; apply this skillset, increase diversity, and unlock access to Athletes with our guidance and proven system. 

You want to STOP LOSING STUDENTS to specialty providers

Stop paying 1/3 of your budget to a specialty provider for a generic itinerary and 1-2 years lead time when you can KEEP MONEY IN-HOUSE. Added bonus: do all this in 6-8 weeks instead of 60-80 emails, with a community of colleagues, and be one of the few schools who offer quality experiences for Athletes. 

You want to PRESENT TO COACHES even if you've been rejected before

What if you had ONE TURN-KEY PROGRAM which met all the needs of Athletes and Coaches and you could overcome objections before they even come up? Your confidence would soar and so would enrollment! The bottom line is: 70.3% of Athletes regret not studying abroad. Then you come in and hit a home run. Win-Win. 

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Alumni Schools

We pride ourselves on the relationships that have been built with hundreds of alumni, coaches and University Partners over the last decade. Here are just a few that have supported the Global Players movement since the onset.

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Global Players helps you with...

Core Services

Based on your University requirements and student-athlete needs we help you:

Choosing an Academic Track

Choose Academic Track

Selecting a location

Select a Location

Determining dates

Determine Dates

Identifying Sports

Identify Sports

Developing Itenirary

Develop Itinerary

Recruiting Student-Athletes

Recruit Student-Athletes

Preparing your participants

Prepare your Participants

Executing the program

Execute Program