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Expert teaching a student-athlete on an internship

How to Save $5-30K on
International Sports Programs

Watch a MasterClass.

Student- Athletes training on the beach

For High School, College, and Club Athletes and Recruits who want to study, intern, work, or coach abroad without paying high fees to agents and tour operators.

Develop Leadership and Communication Ski

For High School, College, and Club Coaches who want to save money, leverage time, and get the most out of an NCAA Foreign Tour or international Sports Tour.

Student-athlete studying

For Study Abroad Offices, NGOs, and Third Party Providers, who want to get more Student-Athletes abroad and

stop losing students to providers. 

50, 000 Athletes abroad by 2030

Global Players signed the Generation Study Abroad  Pledge with the U.S. State Department in 2018. We pledged to get 10% of NCAA registered Student-Athletes abroad by 2030 via Team Tours, Teacher and Faculty-Led international sports programs, and the original Global Players' programs including Study | Intern | Coach Abroad for individual Athletes The reason for 10%, or about 50,000 Athletes, is because on average 10% of the general student populations studies abroad. Lezzzzzzzgo.

Learn more by checking out Our Mission.

Student-Athlete travelling the world

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GP Network

We've partnered with the best and brightest to provide premier team travel and team study abroad experiences. And now we are a proud Commitment Partner of Generation Study Abroad

Companies that we collaborate with such as wework, diversity abroad, Statravel, Athlete network
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