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Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are designed to protect all parties including participants, coaches, team leaders, administrators of Global Players and the agencies and individuals cooperating with them. This is an Electronic Document. By selecting "ACCEPT" all parties involved are accepting the Terms & Conditions outlined here within. 


Space is limited to 30 students per program. Selection is on a rolling basis and competitive, especially for the select internship programs available. Applicants will be notified within 3-5 business days of their acceptance.  A $500 non-refundable deposit, applied to the program costs, is due within 10 days of acceptance to secure your spot unless applying on or after the deadline. All interns that apply must submit the non-refundable deposit within five (5) days of acceptance. When applying on or after the deadline all accepted applicants must submit the non-refundable deposit immediately upon receipt of the formal acceptance letter. Depending on date of acceptance all accepted participants will confirm a Payment Plan to establish their respective schedule of submission. 

Global Players accepts checks and debit or credit cards paid through PayPal. Please ensure the correct amounts are included. 

Credit Transfer

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions all applicants understand that Global Players does not guarantee transfer credit, nor the number of credits that will be acknowledged. All applicants understand that there is a specific process you must follow with your respective home university to gain approval prior to departure outlined here and that approval is subject to the home university review process. 

Personal Conduct

All selected Global Players will be held to a very high standard on and off the field. We are not there to dominate the playing field, but rather to level the playing field by inviting international players to join our team. We are not there to be exclusive, but inclusive. Our mission at Global Players is to give all participants the opportunity to go abroad but return home safe. Participants must conduct themselves in a safe and prudent manner while participating in any activity or travel conducted by or under the auspices of Global Players and uphold the standards there within.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Global Players prohibits the unlawful possession, use or distribution of illicit drugs as determined by respective country regulations. Abuse and over-consumption of alcohol will not be tolerated  especially when behavior risks the reputation of yourself and the program. Any participant unable to perform necessary program responsibilities at a high standard due to the overuse of drugs or alcohol are grounds for disciplinary action or even immediate dismissal at the discretion of the Global Players leadership team. All participants must also abide by the Drug & Alcohol Policy of the respective housing, whether hostel, residence hall or homestay and show respect of such rules and regulations at all times. 

Insurance Coverage

Health Insurance

A health insurance policy is included in the cost of the program for all students.

Travel insurance

All students are strongly encouraged to purchase travel insurance for the Program dates to be covered for personal property theft, personal liability or identity theft while participating in the Program. Global Players is not liable for any theft. Example of such insurance is CISI Personal Property and Liability insurance.


All payments must be made on time by check or online. Checks should be made out to Global Players and must contain the participant's name and program on the "memo" line. Application fee payments are due at the time the application is created in order to activate the participant's account. Deposits are all due within 10 days from the date a participant is formally accepted into the program. Participants accepted later then 2 months out from departure (60 days) will have to submit 50% payment within ten days and the remaining balance no later then 30 days prior to departure**

Please be advised that checks are acceptable only up until the deadline.

***Any and all late payments must be paid online and are subject to a late fee of up to 5% after 15 days

Refund Policy and Schedule

To initiate a refund, a student must contact the Global Players staff immediately in writing of their intention to withdraw from the program. Please note the deposit of $595 (including app. fee) is non-refundable once the student is accepted. **


  • If you withdraw before February 15, Global Players will refund all but the $595 deposit.
  • If you withdraw between February 15 - May 15, Global Players will refund 50% of the program fee.
  • If you withdraw after May 15, none of the program fee will be refunded.
  • If you require a visa and the visa application is denied by the host country's Embassy, Global Players will refund program fee upon receiving proof of visa denial.

**If in the event a payment is NOT paid on time or delayed and the participant withdraws they will owe the amount on their last outstanding invoice NO EXCEPTIONS. For example, if a participant withdraws after February 15 they will still have to pay 50% of their total program balance. If they withdraw after May 15 they will have to pay in full. This is due to the fact that payments have already been made on the participant's behalf. Where necessary legal measures will be taken if a student-athlete fails to pay the total program cost outlined on their invoice.

Trip Cancellation

In order for any Global Players program to run a minimum number of participants must be confirmed by the program deadline. We recommend not booking flights or other cancellation-sensitive bookings until after the program deadline to insure the program will go ahead as planned. Although this is not common, programs do get cancelled, mostly just due to low enrollment. If Global Players has to cancel a program for any reason, participants will receive a full refund or be offered a deferral to a later or different program offering.

Global Players recommends that all study abroad students consider trip cancellation insurance to cover items such as program fees, airline tickets, and travel-related costs in the unlikely event of a withdrawal from a program. Many travel insurance companies exist and each one has their own terms and exclusions. Some offer "cancel for any reason" supplements and might be of particular interest. (Please be aware that this type of coverage often requires that you purchase the coverage within 15 days of the initial deposit.) Even though Global Players does not endorse or recommend any insurance carrier, we have become aware of the following carriers that you might want to research for yourself.

Travel Guard:
Global Alert:
Travel Safe:

Transferring Programs

If a participant decides to withdraw from a program and transfer to another within Global Players the above refund policy still applies, however, the participant may use his or her refund toward the different program. Transfer costs will be determined on a case by case basis and may be subject to penalties dependent on the date of withdrawal. Participants are not subject to penalties when transferring programs due to changes made by Global Players. 

Flight Disclaimer

Global Players reserves the right to change program dates or cancel sessions due to unforeseen circumstances. In the event a program date will be changed or canceled,Global Players will notify all participants immediately. Global Players will not be liable for unused tickets from a canceled program.