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Welcome Coaches!

As former D1 college athletes and current coaches, we understand that you want your athletes to have the full advantage while in college but not necessarily at the expense of their preparation or performance. With Global Players, you can trust that your athletes will continue to train and compete while gaining valuable ‘global experience’ to level a very different playing field- their future.

We are passionate about our mission and look forward to hosting more athletes abroad while also working collaboratively with university coaches and athletic departments to offer customized programming for groups and whole teams to travel and study abroad together.

Why Global Players?

With Global Players, everyone wins. While abroad, our participants set themselves apart in multiple facets of their lives while you can be confident they are fulfilling their athletic commitments. Global Players is the only program that pairs courses, internships, or leadership training with relevant athletic opportunities.

As a Global Player you can trust your athletes will:

  • COMPETE with and against athletes from around the world
  • TRAIN with US and local athletic professionals to maintain fitness, agility and strength
  • ADAPT to new cultural perspectives of competition and training
  • RENEW their passion and appreciation for their sport
  • GROW their leadership and communication skills through teaching, coaching, and growing their sport abroad
  • CHALLENGE their thinking and stretch outside their comfort zones. 
All Global Players programs have three key athletic components to pair fitness and training with the cultural benefits of playing in a foreign country:
Workout sessions focusing on cross training, agility, strength and cardio.
Competition in your sport with and against athletes in your host country.
Local gym access for indvidual workouts. Bring your off-season packets!

Team Travel

The teams that learn, play, travel and serve together STAY together. According to NCAA regulation, teams are allowed to take an international tour once every four years (See NCAA By-law 30.7.4). Below are two Global players customized programming options that provide collegiate teams the opportunity to experience and immerse in another culture through the vehicle of sport.


Why not combine team travel with a study abroad experience for your student-athletes?!  This will be one of, if not the, most impactful experiences your players will have as collegiate students and as a team.

Your team will play with and against international competition, explore their sport through a new and different lens and immerse in the local culture all while earning college credit, bonding as a team, and growing as people! Invite a loved Professor to get on board for a three-credit course and travel with the team OR leave us to match you with a foreign professor. By extending the international tour option in this way, you'll get the most bang for your (fundraising) buck!


Let Global Players be your travel experts! We help you define your goals and develop a team travel itinerary complete with our Learn, Play, Travel, Serve key ingredients. We are not the tour operator where you will expect to ride on coach buses everywhere chanting "U.S.A! U.S.A!" all the way. Our motto is "be a traveler, not a tourist".

If you want to have an authentic international experience with local guides and strong cultural and academic components, such as Language Basics and International Coaching/Leadership modules; you've come to the right place.

Read more on our Custom Program for Teams.
Contact our Director of Program Development, Tara Michael if you are interested in pursuing our customized team travel options.

Injury Prevention

Injuries and accidents happen, whether you are walking down the street on a rainy day or playing pick-up with some friends. The difference is not location, it is prevention.  Global Players’ first priority is safety, and we take the necessary precautions to prevent accidents from happening. We, like you as a coach, don't want anyone to sustain an injury on our program. Therefore, our “play” curriculum is developed in part for injury prevention and our staff has a specific protocol in the event of an injury.

If any of our participants are injured, we will open a dialogue with parents, coaches, and athletic training staff at the respective institution to take the next action steps necessary after the immediate emergency is addressed. That said, most injuries are not a cause to end their experience abroad. Coursework or internships can still be completed in most cases, so our next goal after maintaining the student-athlete’s safety is program completion. We as GP staff are seasoned, battered, and bruised ourselves. Your student-athletes are in good hands.


Injury is unfortunately a common part of sport participation and head trauma or concussions are no different. It is necessary to know that when you are in a different country the handling of injuries and most specifically concussions may differ. The majority are behind the US in efforts to participate in active action plans when an athlete is hit in the head. However, DON’T FRET.

All Athletic Director’s and on-site staff assist the athlete in standardized concussion analysis and procedure as determined by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Heads Up initiative. Our concussion protocol relies on a combination of on-site coaches and trainers, hospital and local care provider analysis, and student-athlete self-reporting. All student-athletes also must provide an incident report to their university Athletic Trainers to keep them informed.



Global Players takes great consideration where NCAA compliance is concerned and has a dedicated member of staff on the pulse of all legislation concerning off-season (particularly winter or summer) athletic participation. We also consult compliance officers at a variety of NCAA institutions to ensure policies are in place. All of the Global Players staff have played NCAA sports while in college, so we pride ourselves on ensuring that our student-athletes do not jeopardize their athletic commitments but rather use our unique study abroad experience to further enhance their game. Below are a few bylaws that are particularly important when considering a Global Players direct enrollment program outside a team tour.

Foreign Tour [NCAA Div 1 Bylaw 17] Time Lapse Between Tours*. An institution shall not engage in a foreign tour in each sport more than once every four years (3 for Div III). Maximum Number of Contests/Competition Dates. A team shall be limited to a maximum of three football games, 10 basketball games, or 10 contests or dates of competition in any other sport during and as part of the tour. (Revised: 1/10/91, 7/30/10) Opponents. The team shall not compete during the tour against other American teams (colleges or other U.S. teams) other than teams composed of U.S. armed forces personnel stationed at U.S. military bases in foreign countries. (Revised: 7/30/10)

17.29.2 Outside-Team Tours. An outside team that includes student-athletes from more than one member institution may participate in international competition in any sport on a foreign tour. However, any such outside team that includes more than the following number of student-athletes from the same member institution must be certified by the institution in accordance with procedures set forth in Bylaw 17.29.1. (Revised: 1/14/97 effective 8/1/97, 10/31/02, 1/16/10)


Baseball [4], Basketball [2], Cross Country [2], Field Hockey [5], Football [5], Ice Hockey [4], Lacrosse [5], Soccer [5], Softball [4], Swimming and Diving [5], Tennis  [2], Track and Field [7], Volleyball [2] Institutional Foreign-Tour Limitations*.  A member institution shall be charged with its foreign tour opportunity in a sport and its once-in-four-years limitation if the institution is represented by more than the number of student-athletes specified under Bylaw 17.29.2 on an outside team participating in a foreign tour in that sport.

*This is for team travel ONLY.

Download and print this information.