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Team Travel

The teams that learn, play, travel and serve together STAY together. Below are two new options on the Global players customized program listing to provide collegeiate teams the opportunity to experience and immerse in another culture through the vehicle of sport.

OPTION ONE. Team Study Abroad (Faculty Led through SAO)

According to NCAA regulation, teams are allowed to take an international tour once every four years (See NCAA By-law 30.7.4). Why not COMBINE this with a study abroad experience for your student-athletes?!  This will be one of, if not THE, most impactful experience your players will have as collegiate students. And as a team. The team will benefit from bonding, playing WITH and against international competition, seeing the sport through an international lens, cultural immersion, personal growth, and earning credits! Invite a loved Professor to get on board for a three-credit course and travel with the team. By extending the international tour option in this way, you'll get the most BANG for your (fundraising) buck! 

OPTION TWO. Overseas Training Tour

Global Players has recently opened its doors to international team tours, albeit still within the Learn, Play, Travel, Serve framework. We are not the tour operator where you will expect to ride on coach busses everywhere chanting "U.S.A! U.S.A!" all the way. Our motto is "be a traveler, not a tourist". So if you want to have an authentic international experience with local guides and strong cultural and academic components, such as Language Basics and International Coaching/Leadership modules; you've come to the right place. 
Contact our Director of Program Development, Tara Michael if you are interested in pursuing our customized team travel options.