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Yes! You Can Afford Study Abroad

It is without a doubt that the Global Players investment far outweighs the cost but we understand that money plays a big role in the decision.  Within our mission to diversify study abroad comes the goal to make it accessible to everyone. Each year we award thousands of dollars to qualified applicants based on need and leadership merit and are focused on finding more ways to help you make this dream a reality. Most importantly, we have never had any participant regret making the investment.

Steps To Save

  1. Get Approval. Meet with the appropriate university faculty member to ensure that you can receive credit or practicum/internship hours for your program of choice. This might be your department Dean to get approval for internship credit or the Study Abroad office for course accreditation. This can affect your financial options so it is good to have the facts in mind before moving forward.
  2. Discuss Your Options. Set up a meeting with your Student Financial Services office to better understand your financial aid options as it relates to your institution. This could also include the scholarship office if you are on athletic aid to see how you might be able to access these funds for off campus programs. Call FAFSA to verify all information and get further guidance for your current financial standing.
  3. Apply Early. The earlier you apply for our programs the more flexibility you will have to get approval, prepare your budget and ultimately start fundraising and saving for the program. Additionally, most financial awards are made once per year and have application deadlines between January and March. Be sure to plan ahead and APPLY EARLY!
  4. Do Your Research. There are so many options beyond your institution that support who you are and what you want. Many funds and foundations want to diversify study abroad and as a student-athlete you make up a diverse population of applicants. Start here with our Funding Resource Center.
  5. Create A Budget. If you are someone that has a daily grande Starbucks habit just by cutting back you can save nearly $1000 dollars in less than a year. The truth is, it is not IF you can afford the program it is HOW you can afford it. Where there is a will there is a way and budgeting is the way. Download Budget Worksheet.


Featured Scholarships

GILMAN Scholarship

The Gilman Program aims to diversify the kinds of students who study and intern abroad and the countries where they go.  All eligible applicants are encouraged to apply. For more information about the Gilman Scholarship, webinar schedules, and other helpful resources, including subscription to Gilman Advisor Newsletters, please visit the Gilman website at
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Fund For Education Abroad (FEA)

FEA aims to increase and diversify the population of U.S. students studying abroad. All students are encouraged to apply, with preference given to students underrepresented in study abroad, and students destined for non-traditional locations. That’s YOU!
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More Funding Resources

There are hundreds of scholarships and financial aid both governmental and non-governmental as well as loan and credit programs that can assist you in funding your program. It can be done!