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The World is Your Classroom

Seventy percent of NCAA student-athletes surveyed said they regret not being able to study abroad due to their participation. Global Players aims to change this statistic by offering study abroad programs that challenge you in and out of the classroom without compromising your athletic commitment. Whether you are studying engineering or education, our courses are relevant, dynamic and impactful.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

  • Host of 2016 Olympics & Para-Olympics
  • Sport and Society courses
  • Portuguese language immersion
  • Competition and training with local clubs
  • Group, independent excursions & activities

Prague, Czech Republic

  • City of a hundred spires
  • Business and Humanities courses
  • Site visits to local and global businesses
  • European tournaments and games
  • Free weekends and independent travel

Custom Programs

  • Faculty-Led and Team Travel options
  • Student-athlete specialized programming
  • Flexible date, location and course options
  • Collaborative program development
  • On-site Athletic Director, local specialists

What Makes Our Study Abroad Programs Different

There are hundreds of study abroad options but only Global Players has programming tailored to student-athletes in destinations all over the world. You are investing in an experience that will prepare, challenge and enrich your future from the classroom to the court.  

We are redefining traditional study abroad. Through our academic, athletic and local partnerships our programs provide

  • Courses that are dynamic and relevant;
  • Trainings that are diverse and challenging;
  • Cultural activities and excursions that teach you how to travel
  • Service opportunities that make you grow.

Disclaimer- the travel bug is sure to bite on a Global Players program.

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