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Serve the Globe

Many athletes may have the opportunity to travel and play, but to truly embrace a new culture we think it is vital to give back and serve the community. We call this key program component, “Out of Bounds”- where athletes use their sport as a vehicle for change.

Whether it is simply to facilitate the growth of a sport in a non-traditional area or to help a child get a better education, learn English, or stay away from violence or drugs, we go 'out of bounds' to improve the world.

Featured Organization

Manos Amigas, Guatemala
With the help of Maya Lacrosse in Guatemala, Manos Amigos empowers young adults to build stronger and safer communities through lacrosse, sports education, and leadership development.

“It is not easy for us to excel in a country where violence prevails and young people spend their daily time on bad things, but the organization MANOS AMIGAS is working to help young people, which can change everything through sports in different communities in Guatemala.”

- Rodrigo Pascual, Director of Sports and Recreation for Manos Amigas

Get Connected

We are always interested in diversifying our service pillar by partnering with local community organizations in need of help. If you or someone you know have connections with international service organizations in need of help, please contact us.