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Rio residents, known as cariocas, have perfected the art of living well and living active so what better location to play the game you love than amongst some of the most competitive athletes in the world? The athletic programming in Rio represents the true essence of being a ‘Global Player’. ‘When in Rio’, you will train as Cariocas do- intense, competitive but FUN.

Sports & Competition: Featured Sports Clubs

Global Players has united with several Rio sports clubs to ensure that our student-athletes are getting the competition and training they need to yield the best results.

Training & Conditioning: Get Better, Faster, Stronger

The goal of our ‘play’ component is to offer an athletic curriculum that complements the other vital elements of study abroad from excursions and cultural activities to courses and field studies. We want you to have a well-balanced, immersive experience and that starts and ends with understanding what you need and ultimately want out of this one of a kind opportunity. Here is a glimpse…

Sports & Competition: Global Players Independent Sports

If you are interested in studying abroad in Rio, but your sport is not featured we encourage you to apply. Take the first step to adding your sport to the list- contact us about our Independent Sports Program.