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Rio’s academic programming offers you the opportunity to learn about sport through a different lens and examine the more passionate, cultural side of competition. Past participants have felt a new, renewed connection to their sport just by taking a closer look while allowing participants the opportunity to dig deeper through field studies, site visits and their own personal experience with Brazilian sport participation.

Our Study Rio Academic Partner

IES Abroad has more than 500 faculty members selected for their world-class academic and professional qualifications and achievements. To enhance their students’ cultural experience and linguistic development, faculty and staff at the IES Abroad Centers are composed primarily of local experts and scholars working in the community.

Many of the instructors are chaired professors at local universities and have published extensively in their fields. Many are well-known journalists, novelists, or public intellectuals in their countries. Most have Ph.D.s or the international equivalent from foreign or Western universities, and all IES Abroad faculty members are uniquely skilled in cross-cultural instruction.

See more on IES Abroad's campaign for Academic Excellence here.

The IES Abroad Center is located in Urca, a quiet neighborhood of 7,000 residents situated between Copacabana and Botafogo. Urca sits at the foot of Sugar Loaf mountain (Pão de Açúcar), one of Rio’s most famous landmarks at the intersection of the Atlantic Ocean and Guanabara Bay. The Center is within easy access via public transportation from IES Abroad homestay families, athletic sites and beaches.

Credit Transfer & Transcripts

All courses are 45 direct contact hours equal to up to (3) transfer credit hours per course in the North American system, dependent on the Home University. Students in this program participate in one Survival Portuguese course (1 credit) and two content courses out of the following:

2016 Courses include: The Modern Olympics: From Athens to Rio; Sports Marketing from an International Perspective or The Social and Cultural Origins & Background of Sports, Portuguese Language (Level 102 or 302) for those studying or interested in more intensive and immersive Portuguese

At the conclusion of the program, an official IES Abroad transcript will be sent to your home school. If your school does not accept IES Abroad credit directly, you will need a School of Record transcript from the University of Rochester to receive credit for participation in the IES Abroad program. Check with your school if you are unsure whether they will accept IES Abroad credit. 

View all Course information and syllabi here.