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Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I study abroad?

An international education experience is a structured, safe, fun way to see the world and challenge you while giving you the best of both worlds- global academics and athletics. In the present economy, this type of experience is more valuable than ever before. Employers are looking for well-rounded candidates with strong resumes including: international travel, second language skills, work experience and community service. Global Players offers all that and more. See more reasons to study abroad > 

Where will I be living?

Depending on the program, you will be staying in a combination of hostels, university dorms, apartments and homestays to offer a broad experience and for the benefit of cultural immersion. 

Will the credits transfer?

All academic programming is provided by our Academic Partners. Courses are fully accredited and are a total of 45 contact hours each. During the application process and before leaving home, it is your responsibility to visit with your home institution's study abroad office and/or academic adviser to discuss the credit transfer process. We will provide you with information such as course descriptions and syllabi to assist in this process. Within 90 days after completion of the program, you will receive an official transcript. Please note that credit acceptance is not guaranteed by Global Players but completely dependent on your home university policies. 

Will my NCAA eligibility be affected?

Global Players participants will not be playing or training with any teams of a professional nature nor will they receive compensation, monetary or otherwise (Sorry!). This program is also open to non-varsity sport athletes. If the coach or university compliance officer would like more information, please encourage them to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions they may have. 

What do I get for my money?

We offer a 4-in-1 program with our four pillar programming: Learn, Play, Travel, Serve. The benefits of this character developing, resume-building international experience greatly outweighs the cost.  

Is the plane ticket included?

No, the cost does not include an international flight.  We encourage you to check with STA Travel or other student travel agencies well in advance; they can usually help you secure a student discount rate. Remember, the summer is high season for flights, so this as good a reason as any to apply early. 

Do I need to provide my own insurance coverage while abroad?

Medical insurance is covered in your program fees, but we highly recommend purchasing travel insurance in addition.

Will I be safe while abroad?

Traveling abroad should be trouble free but take normal precautions to avoid mugging, bag-snatching and pick-pocketing, especially at airports and railway stations in large cities. Also reference for more information from the U.S. State Department. Read more on Health and Safety

Will I have Internet access while abroad?

While traveling Internet access is available in most housing and when not available, wifi is accessible in many public places throughout your host city.

What are the visa/passport requirements?

A passport is required but U.S. citizens can stay for up to 90 days on a tourist visa in Europe so the program dates are covered in those cities. For Rio participants a student visa will also be required. Refer to for more travel tips.

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