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Locations, Housing & Safety

When in Prague you will live like a commuter, moving from your accommodation to the gym, internship site or the university much like you would if you were a local. All main sites are easily accessible to one another and city center is just a tram away. Prague is a very safe city but nonetheless we always advise that you use standard precaution as you would in any US metropolitan city, being mindful of your possessions and your person when moving around. Look up- that is where all the fun is anyway!


While in Prague, all students will be living in apartments and will use their public transportation like in many metropolitan cities to get to/from classes, internship sites and athletic facilities.

You'll live with Global Players peers in a spacious apartment in Prague. Apartments are wonderful—fully furnished, centrally located, and wifi equipped. Classes, internship sites, and athletic facilities are all short commutes away. Prague boasts excellent public transportation. Buses, metros, and trams are clean, frequent, and timely. And we provide you a transportation pass so you can explore the city without worrying about costs.

For meals, take your pick of local restaurants and eateries, or cook for yourself in your apartment kitchen.

Housing Security & Safety

It is a top priority to not only provide a fully immersive program but a safe one and that also comes down to careful measures when selecting housing.

Both the housing itself and surrounding area is vetted to ensure safety and accessibility. All students have access to lockers for valuables and are strongly encouraged to have insurance for personal belongings in case of theft.

No overnight guests permitted in housing unless they have been authorized by Global Players or CET. All safety measures are outlined in student handbook and reinforced during orientation. Global Players and CET work closely with all housing representatives to ensure students are being well cared for throughout the duration of the program.