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Welcome Parents!

Perhaps you have landed here because your son or daughter has shared their interest in one of our abroad programs for student-athletes. Maybe you fell upon us in your own research or studied abroad yourself in college. However you arrived, we are glad you did.

Going abroad will certainly be a defining period in your son or daughter’s life. It will be a personal journey that will likely transform them into a global citizen with new ideas and perspectives about the world and its people. It is also an experience that will distinguish them from peers and enable them to stand out in the eyes of prospective employers.

Your son or daughter is in good hands. We are more than just entrepreneurs. We are: PARENTS, COACHES, FORMER D1 COLLEGE ATHLETES, PHILANTHROPISTS and TRAVELERS. You can learn more about our team here

We understand your concerns and apprehension. But, we also know the decision to study abroad is life changing. IT IS WORTH IT.

Why Global Players?

Until recently, 70% of student athletes in college regretted not having the opportunity to study abroad due to their athletic commitment. Our mission is to diversify study abroad by providing more opportunities for student-athletes to truly become global citizens and get the edge they need to succeed. Over 6 countries and hundreds of student athletes later, we are continuing to achieve that very mission.

Our programs, built on four pillars (learn, play, travel, serve), aim to capture the true essence of a balanced student-athlete and future global leader. Participants with a strong commitment to education, a desire to compete, enthusiasm to see the world, and compassion to give back are the types of individuals we are looking for.

As their parents, we encourage you to compare our programs with any other study abroad program or sports tour to understand that the investment far outweighs the cost. One summer can catapult your son or daughter and open doors for their future both personally and professionally.

Global Players Goes Beyond

You son or daughter is not just embarking on a 6-8 week journey. The summer or winter program is only where it begins. Once they become Global Players, they join a network of alumni that are now business owners, college coaches, managers and experienced professionals. They are always posting jobs and assisting their fellow GP brothers and sisters with their future goals and objectives. The foundation is built when they go abroad, but extends far beyond program completion.

Mary had such an amazing and wonderful experience on her GP trip. Thank you for offering such a one of a kind opportunity. It was so great getting her back home, happy and full of excitement.
— Marie Cuddihy, Mother of GP Alum Mary Cuddihy

Our Promise

As much as we know this experience is worth it, we also understand that there may be conflicting feelings. You may be excited at the opportunity that lay ahead but at the same time, there is some trepidation about being several thousand miles apart. Your support is very important and how you handle the time away will go a long way toward enabling your student to thrive and learn from the overseas experience. Here is our promise to you and a few expectations we have of our GP parents. 


  • Be accessible to both you and your son or daughter before, during, and after the program
  • Prepare them for their program with pertinent information prior to departure and through our on-site orientation
  • Mitigate risks and develop action plans to ensure the safety and security of your son or daughter every step of the way
  • Provide programming that is culturally, athletically, and academically relevant and help your son or daughter to navigate new cultures and languages effectively
  • Encourage your son or daughter to think outside the box, get out of their comfort zone and reflect independently during their experience


  • Your son or daughter to do their due diligence and be in charge of their own experience from inquiry to the end of the program
  • You to be informed and engaged in the decision-making and pre-departure but encourage your son or daughter to take care of their ‘to-dos’ independently
  • Maintain an open dialogue about program plans, independent travel, budgets, schedule, health and safety, and Behavior and Conduct
  • Understand that FERPA laws govern what we are permitted to share with parents and what must remain private
  • While your son or daughter is abroad- Stay in touch but maintain a level of distance. With today’s incessant connectivity it is really easy to communicate often but we encourage balance. There is a close correlation between morale overseas and messages from home. Stay informed but at ‘an arms length.'

Health and Safety

Our number one priority is to keep our participants safe and secure. All programming is built with this goal in mind, no exception. You can trust that Global Players and all Academic Partners and affiliates will be vigilant in responding to the needs of our students. All staff are well-trained and knowledgeable about safety procedures and protocols.

Every location has enforced security systems and procedure in place, and local staff have developed close relationships with local police. The Centers receive regular updates from the local U.S. Embassy or Consulate regarding U.S. citizen safety. In the event of an emergency, there are 24/7 hotlines to further support both staff and students on the ground.

REACH OUT.  We are just an email or call away. Request our Health and Safety or Emergency Procedures documentation or contact us with your questions. We are happy to help.