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Break out of the pack - intern abroad

In today's global economy where companies have operations and clients all over the world, it has become more important to gain experiences that set you apart. That is why more students need to not only intern but consider the advantage of interning abroad. The bottom line? An international internship gives you an unique experience that will make you stand out from other graduates. 

Global Professionals (GPro) is our overseas internship program that offers international internship placements from 6 weeks to 1 year. As a 'global professional' you have the opportunity to have an authentic expat experience while immersing in the local culture through both internships and sport. 


Global Professionals (GPro)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Description: The GPro internship is ideal for those that are looking for a more customized internship option. Whether you want flexibility with dates, destination or the dollar the GPro program is the right fit for you. Let your GPro Advisors customize your international internship experience from start to finish!


GPro Internships at a Glance

What Makes Our Intern Abroad Program Different?

We set ourselves apart with internships that focus on the "pro-in-progress". Many of you may not have had an internship outside of your summer jobs due to your athletic commitments. We keep this in mind and work with you to develop your professional skill-set and portfolio before your depart. From resume-support to on-the-job preparation and guidance we have tailored pre-departure programming to help you not only survive your internship but thrive long after it ends.


  • Rising Sophomore to recent graduate in good standing at an accredited college, university or law school
  • Work experience or relevant coursework in internship field or industry
  • Willingness and desire to learn with and from international professionals
  • Openness to country and cultural differences
  • Independent, resilient and adaptable (disclaimer- an internship abroad will be different than the US)
  • Current young professionals and graduate students are also encouraged to apply

How Placement Works

  • STEP ONE. Complete your online Application Questionnaire and upload your Resume including top Fields of Interest
  • STEP TWO. Initial Review, Receive invitation to Qualification Group Interview 
  • STEP THREE. Group Qualification Interview conducted followed by invitation to Second Placement Interview
  • STEP FOUR.  Submit Placement Fee 
  • STEP FIVE. Placement Interview
  • STEP SIX. Acceptance and final placement and confirmation