How to Apply

STEP ONE: Find a Program.

Find your sport, choose a program of interest and review the program details through the corresponding brochure. See our Program Catalog for a general overview of our program offerings. We also recommend doing your due diligence by comparing our program offerings to those at your Home University as well as other providers. Have a question? Contact us.

STEP TWO: Initiate your Application.

Once you choose a program, Create a Profile.

STEP THREE: Join the GP Network.

Find us on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter. Get plugged in.

STEP FOUR: Meet with your Academic Advisor**

Email them a link to our academic page on the website and then follow up with a meeting to see how the courses can compliment your curriculum. (Click here for details on Academics)

STEP FIVE : Visit your Study Abroad office**

Visit Study Abroad Office: obtain necessary paperwork for credit transfer and learn about your university’s process. Global Players CAN NOT guarantee credit approval so ensure you have followed the necessary protocol at your Home University in obtaining pre-approval

STEP SIX: Learn about your Financial Aid options.

Contact your Scholarship and/or Financial Aid office at your respective University to discuss athletic scholarship or financial aid issues relative to studying abroad in the summer. Ask them to help you learn more about funding your trip.  Refer to our Financing Your Trip page for assistance with the GP investment. 

STEP SEVEN: Clue in your Parents.

It is always important to include your family in the decision-making process. Why the seventh step and not the first? We suggest getting your facts in line prior to engaging them so you can better answer any questions they have. Learn how to present the Global Players experience the right way- 12 Steps for Selling Study Abroad. Encourage parents to contact us with any questions not covered on the website. 

STEP EIGHT: Complete your Application.

Admission to the GP programs are on a rolling basis so it is important to apply as soon as possible to secure a spot. The following materials in addition to a $95 application fee need to be secured prior to acceptance:

  •     $95 Application Fee
  •     Application Questionnaire + Accepted Terms & Conditions
  •     Resume (interns and ICP only)

STEP NINE: Recommend a friend.

Share this opportunity with 1 or 2 others and have the time of your life. They can be a member of any of our feature sports or simply someone that loves sports in general!

STEP TEN: Get creative.

 Put yourself on a budget throughout the year to save for your journey abroad. It is NOT true that you have to choose between making money and spending money when go with Global. You can do both. In addition, there are additional fundraising options so get Google on your side and do your due diligence to earn some money towards your trip. You can do anything from a car wash and mowin' lawns to running your own camp or clinic. The possibilities are endless so get creative and make it happen, because you CAN! See Financing Your Trip.


*Not a necessary step for the international coaching or intern abroad programs unless obtaining credit for internship.