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Getting Started in 8 Easy Steps

1. Find A Program

Explore our program offerings or take the Program Match quiz  to find the program that is right for you. Have a question or need further guidance? Contact a Student Advisor. Already connected with an Advisor? GREAT! Onward to #2....

2. Initiate your Application

Once you choose a program, Create a Profile to be linked with a knowledgeable Student Advisor who will get your questions answered and support you through the application process.

3. Join the Global Players Network

Find us on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter. Get plugged in.

4. Meet with your Academic Advisor

Email them the course syllabi and then follow up with a meeting to see how the courses or internship can compliment your curriculum.

5. Visit your Study Abroad Office

Learn the process for credit transfer at your home institution and schedule a meeting with your University’s International Education office to get started. Global Players CANNOT guarantee credit approval so ensure you have followed the necessary protocol at your University in obtaining pre-approval.

6. Learn about your Financial Options

Contact your Scholarship and/or Financial Aid office at your respective University to discuss athletic scholarship or financial aid issues relative to studying abroad in the summer. Ask them to help you learn more about funding your trip.  Refer to our Scholarships & Funding page for assistance with the GP investment.

7. Clue in your Parents

It is always important to include your family in the decision-making process. Why the seventh step and not the first? We suggest getting your facts in line prior to engaging them so you can better answer any questions they have. Encourage parents to contact us with any questions not covered on the website.

8. Complete your Application

Admission to all programs are on a rolling basis so it is important to apply as soon as possible to secure a spot.

  •    $95 Application Fee
  •    Application Questionnaire + Accepted Terms & Conditions
  •    Resume (interns and ICP only)