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Welcome Advisors & Faculty!

In order to continue to strive toward our vision of creating globally-conscious, inspiring leaders of tomorrow, it is vital that we ensure both our athletic and academic programming are top of the class. To accomplish this academic standard of excellence we have partnered with providers and institutions that offer curriculums that are challenging, innovative, and relevant while conforming to Forum on Education Abroad’s Standards of Good Practice, the highest standards in the education abroad field.


Student-Athlete Specialists

We focus on FIVE KEY INGREDIENTS when developing programs for student-athletes: 

1. Academic Curriculum 

Course and internship offerings, Effective and experienced Faculty members

2. Sport-specific Athletic Programs 

Location, sport, clubs and competition

3. Term and Duration  

Short-term, preseason or offseason

4. Eligibility and Affordability

Program pricing and funding, academic requirements, NCAA compliance

5. Development and On-site Team 

Experienced current and former athletes, national and international coaches, Certified Personal Trainers and local sports coordinators

Become an Academic Partner

Interested in partnering with Global Players to diversify study abroad and customize a program for student-athletes at your university? The more we work with student-athletes, the more we realize their need for specialized programming. Join us in designing more opportunities for student-athletes to take the athlete with them abroad! Imagine five Football players, three Women's Soccer, one Baseball, two Field Hockey, five Volleyball, three Men's Lacrosse, and four Swimmers all studying and training abroad together? Yeah, we love it too. Contact us to get started.


An important initiative in International Education is to diversify study abroad, and by targeting the niche population of student-athletes we are one step closer to actualizing this goal. Student-athletes are not only underserved in study abroad but represent a diverse segment of the greater student body. Therefore, particular attention should be paid to the type’s of programs available to them.

Student-athletes are less likely to go abroad if it means risking their athletic performance or commitment. Programming must be specialized and designed with both the ‘student’ and the ‘athlete’ in mind in order to increase enrollment.

Getting More Males Abroad

Statistics show a small improvement over the years with regards to males studying abroad but they still remain a minority. Targeting student-athletes helps to change this statistic as the numbers are reversed with regard to NCAA participation. (see diagram below)


U.S. Students Abroad*

U.S. NCAA Athletes**








Race and Ethnicity Abroad

By offering programs specialized for student-athletes, these statistics can greatly be improved. Nearly 460,000 NCAA student-athletes compete in 24 sports every year and of those 24 sports, Global Players features some of the more diverse both in ethnicity and gender- Football, Basketball, Soccer and Volleyball to name a few. For example, over thirty six percent (37.8%) in NCAA Football and over forty four percent (45.1%) in NCAA Men's Basketball are African-American. In NCAA Men's Soccer and Volleyball, over ten percent (12.3%/10.8%) are Hispanic/Latino  American.

The statistics support a significant opportunity to increase diversity in study abroad by targeting NCAA athletes.

* U.S. Students Abroad via the Institute of International Education
** U.S. NCAA Athlete Statistics via the NCAA

Race / Ethnicity

U.S. Students Abroad*



Hispanic / Latino(a)


Asian / Hawaiian / Pacific Islander


Black or African American




American Indian or Alaska Native