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ICP Programs Overview

The Coach Abroad program, referred to as the International Coaching Program (ICP), has been designed for collegiate rising juniors to recent graduates interested in pursuing coaching and leadership both nationally and internationally. In addition, it is also available for international club coaches who wish to further develop their expertise and gain international certification to coach.

There are over a hundred study abroad programs across the country, but we have introduced a unique combination of "work" and "play" to your travel experience.



  • Rising upperclassmen or recent graduates
  • Strong work ethic and desire to lead
  • Interest in coaching placement overseas 
  • Open and adaptable to mentoring all ages, abilities and nationalities
  • Experience with coaching, community service and/or leadership
  • Readiness to be the change and be changed

Core Objectives

LEARN and evaluate various coaching styles while reflecting on personal experience as a player. 

IDENTIFY coaching and leadership strategy in developing and mentoring individuals. 

DEVELOP leadership and communication skills by coaching different ages, abilities and nationalities.

UNDERSTAND how to prepare and execute efficient practice and season plans on the micro and macro level.

COLLABORATE with peers in order to develop and execute coaching sessions and clinics.