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GP Launches New Study Abroad Program in Rio De Janeiro

Global Players has teamed up with academic partner IES Abroad to launch a new summer program in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in 2015.

GP: Study Aborad Brazil program offers an academic focus on sports and society while exploring the rich and vibrant culture of Rio. Student-athletes will train with local teams; have weekly strength and conditioning sessions with a dedicated Global Players Athletic Director, while also attending college classes in this dynamic, well-rounded program. When possible, participants will also take part in tournaments or competition on a Global Players team or integrated with a local team enhancing their athletic skills, forming meaningful friendships with fellow foreign and local students, for a life changing experience as global citizens. The application deadline is March 1, 2015. APPLY NOW.


In feedback surveys, 100% of student-athlete participants report they chose to study abroad with Global Players because of the athletic component.  “We use sport as the vehicle of cultural immersion,” says Founder and Director of Program Development, Tara Michael, “but the academic component adds a dimension of theory and context, and for many, justifies the cost of six weeks abroad. We are absolutely thrilled to be working with the caliber of study abroad professionals at IES Abroad to launch our new program in Rio.”

RIO FEATURE SPORTS- Field Hockey, Football, Mens and Womens Soccer and Volleyball