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‘Get out of the chair’- 3 Reasons interning abroad will set you apart

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Every college student, just like you,  is asking themselves the same question…’how do I set myself apart’?

The answer? EXPERIENCE. Real, professional experience in an environment that helps to elevate you from the resume to the interview chair. You get a leg up because you `have something great and interesting to say`and future employers get, well, something different!

Students from all over the United States are gaining ground and competing on a global scale due to a new internship remix- intern abroad.  The kind of internships that challenge you WHILE preparing you. Networking, professionalism and soft skills such as adaptability and communication are just some of the things that you learn through this specific type of experience. Instead of adding your resume to the pile, have employers lineup to meet you.

Three reasons why you should intern abroad:

IMMERSE yourself in the local culture

By immersing in a new country like the Netherlands, Spain or Germany, you will leave with an entirely changed perspective on the world. And unlike a two-week vacation, you will dive head first into the local culture as a local- commuting into work everyday, making friends with your co-workers, and learning from those around you. You will learn the ins and outs of the people who live and work in that city. You will be a true EXPAT.

BUILD your network

Networking is one of the most important things you can do for your career. Interning abroad allows you to not just meet new people but most importantly, different people. Dont sell this part of your journey short, explore who you are and open up to those around you.  You never know who you will meet and how that will affect your professional and personal network. Two out of the three Global Players Directors are living abroad to this day because of the network they built ten years ago. Be open to the return on your investment.

GROW exponentially

Growth comes from change, and the bigger the change, the more you will grow. Get out of your comfort zone. Pushing yourself outside your boundaries and out of bounds will give you the opportunity to bring that different perspective back home with you.

It is time to get off the paper and out of the chair...EXPLORE. ELEVATE. CREATE. DOMINATE.

Want to take your summer to a new level? Learn how...any student-athlete looking for more information on internship abroad programs please email