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Winter Abroad: Guatemala 2013 (Part III)



You think playing 1v1 is hard in a drill for 30 seconds? Try 


one-on-one for precisely 3 hours and 30 minutes; or being on the other side and 


I can speak to the teaching side of the table because I taught English to Germans for three years while I was living in Hamburg. I don't think the students realize how difficult it is for the teacher. They know how grueling it is for them. But they haven't put themselves in the shoes of teachers taking their academic task very seriously. But the results are there. Every student has made huge strides in their Spanish; linking theory to practice, grammar to fluency, doubt to confidence. They are coming out of their shells, it's amazing to see, and hear. I feel it too as a student. As with any travel, when you start to dig deeper and explore your own boundaries, you learn and grow and change. Everyone on this trip had an open mind coming into it. Now it seems they've each opened their heart as well. They've been touched with grace and humility and adventure and freedom. And we've become a family. Now it's time to spread our roots...