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Summer Abroad 2012: Berlin Day 2

After an early morning coaching session, a little bit of weather apprehension (to rain or not to rain...that is the question), the ICP participants and students headed across the street, with rain coats handy, to the TV Tower where we met our bike tour guide Tom.

A fanny pack that conveniently has speakers for music, otherwise known as a Jammypack, was the perfect accessory as the participants began their bike across Berlin accompanied by the musical talents of Britney Spears and the like. 

The participants saw everything from the remnants of the Berlin Wall, Hitlers underground bunker, the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust memorial and more. 

Returning back to the hostel after the tour the ICP participants went off to coach their first practice with BLax. Through the cold, rain, wind...nothing could deter the coaches or the teams from having a fun and energetic practice. The staff of BLax was beyond welcoming and there was a lot of people there eager to have the coaching of our Global Players.

While the ICP participants were coaching, the Amsterdam study abroad students headed off to their first ever Toastmasters International meeting. Toastmasters is a non-profit organization that offers the individual the opportunity to practice their public speaking, communication, and leadership skills. The students got to sit in on the meeting and take part in different aspects of the activities throughout the evening.

After a long day of activities the Global Players all met downstairs in the hostel to enjoy an evening out in Berlin with one another. Through the day tomorrow the international players of our GP squad will be arriving and the Berlin Open experience will begin.