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Summer Abroad 2012: Berlin Day 1

Arrivals, arrivals, arrivals! Today after a long day of travel, lost sticks, adventures to the hostel from the airport, and a warm welcome by the GP staff here in Berlin students are now finally settling in, adjusting to the jet lag, and culture of Germany. 

Located in the heart of the city, CityStay enables students to be able to feel the vibe and pulse of Berlin. Almost directly across from the hostel the students look up at the Fernsehturm which to most tourists is known as the TV tower. At 380m high it is not known for its aesthetics but rather the amazing view of the city. 

As the Amsterdam study abroad was arriving, our ICP participants had their first coaching course with Jess and Eamon. Completed with an Urban Lax session in a near by park, participants are gearing up for tomorrow evening with first hand experience and insight into the world of coaching with the BLax team here in Berlin.

Tonight there will be a GP social so that ICP participants and students will be able to get to know one another and the city followed by an early afternoon bike tour of the city tomorrow. Summer Abroad 2012 here we COME!