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Summer Abroad: European Championship Festival

So far this week's tournament has been absolutely ROCKIN' for GP. The men and women's teams are demonstrating their love for the game and having fun while doing it. With this combination of GP student athletes and intense love for the game...BOOM--you've got some teams determined for the title! 

Playing with an against international players enables GP athletes to truly experience laxin' euro style. As the tournament carries on GP is looking to secure seats in the final round for both the men's and women's teams.

Today the men play three games, starting off with a competitive game against the USA stars while the women (playing two games later in the afternoon) will cheer them on for a win.

The weekend is full of tournament parties and excitement. Friday is the final round for the tournament and all teams are still getting at it for a seed. The best of the best in Europe will compete Saturday evening in the championship round of the Europeans. After intense competition over the past two weeks, teams will let down their hair, demonstrate their countries traditions, and celebrate their participation in what has been an amazing tournament at the final celebration party.

Looking forward to the next days here in Amsterdam and getting excited to keep representing GP style...Here we GO!