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Summer Abroad 2012: Amsterdam

Kicking off the student's time here in Amsterdam we had an UvA welcome dinner on Friday followed by a free weekend where students visited the museums of Amsterdam and got adjusted into the city life. 

Sunday afternoon the students were taken to the Noordermarkt where it is rumored to have the best apple pie in all of Amsterdam...and boy is it DELICIOUS. If you have never had Dutch apple pie then you have to get to the Netherlands as soon as possible to try some of it!! Believe me, it is worth it! 

Orientation at the University was on Monday morning before the students headed to their first class. After a night of readings in preparation for the following morning, students woke up to a big rain storm. I am sure this is not how they wanted to experience their first bike ride to school, but the students made the most of it and enjoyed their first day of classes. 

While our men got to relax after the days events, the women headed to their practice with the Amsterdam Lions. Meeting some new friends the girls got an opportunity to see what Dutch lacrosse is all about while also learning where to go and where not to go in Amsterdam. After practice the girls were able to navigate themselves back to their housing after only having been here for a few days and never to that part of Amsterdam, we've got some travelers folks :) 

Tonight the ladies will have the night off and the men will head out to practice with the men's team. Followed by an early morning Bikram yoga class on Wednesday!!