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Summer Abroad 2012: Berlin Open--The Final Results

It was another day of beautiful weather as the GP men's and women's teams competed yesterday for a shot at the title in the Berlin Open.

Despite not being able to secure a position in the final competition, the men's team gave the Crease Monkeys a good run for their money and had some stellar defensive movement in the semi-final round. Placing fourth overall, they not only focused on having fun with one another but also possessed an intensity to carry them in the tournament competition. 

Having proved to be one of the most intense games the women played through the tournament, the final round versus Redlands University was one for the books. The women played as a team and fought hard for the win. Coming out strong, the women were tied 3-3 at the half and kept the intensity through out the game; but unfortunately were unable to overcome the strength of Redlands seasoned team play and finished second overall. 

Also a special mention goes out to our very own Global Player, Shannon Burns, for winning the women's tournament MVP! WAY TO GO SHANNON!

As the tournament weekend comes to a close, it is an understatement to say how proud we are of both the men's and women's teams. Coming into the tournament having never played together, both teams demonstrated elements of leadership and connection--a chemistry--that enabled them to fully embrace the international tournament experience.