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Summer Abroad 2012: Berlin Open--Tourny Time

Two intense days of tournament play, the men's team will be moving onto the semi-final round playing their 6th game of the tournament against the Crease Monkeys and the women's team will be in the final round playing their 7th game of the tournament against Redlands University.

Going into the weekend, Global Players was expecting a series of rain showers through out the tournament and somewhat cold weather...but once again the weather of Europe proved the weather forecast wrong...the weekend has turned out to be beautiful so far. But remember, always pack for four season...every day ;)

Over the years, the competition of the Berlin Open has grown exponentially. Both the men's and women's teams have faced close games through out the tournament. This morning and afternoon will be challenging games for the teams but Global Players is digging for the wins. The men have had serious trophy envy of the woman's team over the years because they have never come in anything better than 3rd and the women's team has won the competition all the years we have participated in the tournament. 

Right now were finishing up a quick breakfast at the hostel and heading out to the mens game...HERE WE GO GP!