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Day Eight - Antigua and Beyond

Today we set out to Antigua for our final wrap up meeting and a few meetings with different Spanish schools. It just further confirmed our excitement and the possibility in truly making a difference here with an annual program. There were many different ideas exchanged on this journey but one similarity remains, sport can truly bridge the gap between cultures and in many cases save lives. Both Global Players and Manas Amigas have the same mission in wanting to create a better future for both the ones being served and those providing the service. Although we spent just over a week in Guatemala we walk away with a deep and meaningful understanding of the culture, the history and the direction a handful of passionate people of this great country want it to go. There may be crime, poverty and a history that can put a black cloud on the present, but there is also beauty, richness and hope for tomorrow. There is a reason we continue to say "become a traveler not a tourist". Tourism is great as an initial step but traveling will take you on a journey. On behalf of all of us at Global Players, we thank the consortium here in Guatemala for embracing us this week and making our time here extraordinary.

For those that are families of our organization, alumni and the like, or a potential Global Player, stay tuned for a program that we feel will not only define this organization but help to define those that are a part of it as we hope all our programs continue to do.