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Day Six - Antigua

Over two hundred from the community flooded the small futbol field to learn about this new game. They were filed in to the bleachers for a welcome address and then got put into 8 groups. Each group was assigned 2-3 Manas Amigas youth leaders ranging in age from 12-18 that would teach them different skills as an intro to the game- catching, cradling, shooting etc. It was such a great example of how to raise up a community THROUGH the community and BY the community. The students became the teachers and the players became the coaches. It was truly inspiring and what came from it was nearly 200 smiling faces, exposure to lacrosse and most importantly hope for a better future. As Global Players and ambassadors to the game, we were truly blessed to be a part of this experience and look forward to a partnership with Manos Amigos through our future programs here in Guatemala. We can not wait to bring college athletes over here to not only be a part of this great cause but also be a part of it's growth as well. Onward to Guatemala City and then the Pacific coast tomorrow.