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Day Two - Antigua

Spanish lessons by day, salsa and merengue by night with Volcano hiking, cave swimming, beach hopping and Mayan ruin siteseeing by Sabado (Saturday for those that are Spanglishly-challenged) Sorry Loverboy, but everybody in this town is NOT "workin for the weekend" because well, everyday feels like one. That, our future Spanish seeking Global Players, is what your typical experience will be like here in Guatemala. We kicked off our day with another delicious cuisine compliments of Monica, pancakes, eggs, and fresh watermelon, can't complain! Following our breakfast of champions we headed out on the town to find Rodrigo, blind date-style by city centre. Luckily the guy that was meandering by us like a lost puppy was in fact Rodrigo. Not sure what gave it away, his random glances at us or the fact that he was wearing a lacrosse tshirt. 
We visited four different Spanish schools throughout the day and quickly found out that the method shared by all is the same- total immersion. Look elsewhere if you are interested in learning Spanish in a classroom or by a non-native speaker because you won't find it in Guatemala. The risk of this method: You might actually learn to speak Spanish. One of the other interesting observations is that all of the schools have open air facilities surrounded by flowers. I personally can not remember the last time I learned in that environment. After a bit of a brain overload we took a break at a rooftop cafe, aptly called Cafe Sky where we could digest all of the information we just learned, take in the beautiful landscape and map out the rest of the day. The plan was two more schools and then we would part ways but naturally we decided to add a few additional stops along the way. A walk around any city will open your eyes to the local way of life and if you feel adventurous it could just open your mind as well. Being a program for athletes, we had to add an athletic element to our tour of Antigua so we dropped by the local gymnasium where you could find a small weight lifting gym, a basketball/futbol court and a huge climbing wall. Afterwards we headed around the corner to Antigua's futbol stadium, home of the Fighting Aguacates, aka Avocados en ingles. It weirdly made me feel intimidated and hungry at the same time. Back to our home away from home for dinner and some live jazz in front of a colonial ruin, only standard. Out of Bounds in Guatemala continues manana! Hasta luego.