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Coaching Practicum

Once admitted to the ICP, you will begin the course before you even leave your hometown, virtually. During the first four weeks of the program, you will complete online learning modules that begin with larger concepts like reflecting on your own coaching narrative and end with more detailed concepts like how to teach a skill or plan a training session. By the time you arrive in Europe, you will have the knowledge to lead. The ten days in Europe consist of taking that knowledge and making it real by applying it in actual coaching and leadership situations. At the end of the program you will be given a certification to coach internationally and Global Players will connect you with a coaching placement program overseas.

Course Structure

1. "INSTRUCTION" The four modules of the on-line course.

2. "OBSERVATION"During the European tournament, you will observe European lacrosse to determine how best to serve the local club teams during the Application phase.

3. "APPLICATION" Using the knowledge from the course to coach in Germany.

4. "REFLECTION"A few days of reflection and relaxation to consider how you will use what you learned. Those interested in certification and placement will participate in a placement evaluation prior to the end of the program.

The ICP challenges you to learn and lead at the same time. At the beginning of the trip, you will get the chance to compete with and against international players from all over the globe while also having the chance to give back by teaching the game to new players.