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Featured Sports

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Play the Globe

As athletes you want to stay on top of your game on the field while also maintaining an edge off the field. This may mean in addition to off-season workouts you have your eye on a job, summer or J-term classes, an internship, or study abroad. Your coaches want you to take advantage of opportunities while in college but not necessarily at the expense of your preparation or performance. With Global Players, everyone wins. While abroad, you will set yourself apart in multiple facets of your life while your coaches can be confident that you are fulfilling your athletic commitments.

All Global Players programs have three key athletic components to pair fitness and training with the cultural benefits of playing in a foreign country:
Workout sessions focusing on cross training, agility, strength and cardio.
Competition in your sport with and against athletes in your host country.
Local gym access for the benefit of indvidual work. Bring your workout packets!
* Coaching and leadership programs (ICP) have separate modules

Training & Conditioning: Get Better, Faster, Stronger

The goal of our ‘play’ component is to offer an athletic curriculum that complements the other vital elements of study abroad from excursions and cultural activities to courses and field studies. We want you to have a well-balanced, immersive experience and that starts and ends with understanding what you need and ultimately want out of this one of a kind opportunity. Here is a glimpse…

Sample Conditioning Week

AM: Beach bootcamp
PM: Free afternoon

AM: Classes
PM: Club training

AM: Classes
PM: Evening bootcamp

AM: Morning cycle
PM: Club training

AM: Open
PM: Group excursion

Featured Sports

Global Players Featured Sports (GPFS) are those sports that Global Players tailors programming to in a specific location. This may be due to the competitive nature of that sport in the study abroad destination, soccer in Rio for example, or it may be because of tournament and game offerings in that location, like lacrosse or softball/baseball in Prague.


Men's / Women's
Most popular destinations:
Czech Republic, Germany, Guatemala, Netherlands, Switzerland


Men's / Women's
Most popular destinations:
Brazil, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands


Most popular destinations:
Czech Republic, Netherlands

Field Hockey

Men's / Women's
Most popular destinations:
Brazil, Netherlands

American Football

Most popular destinations:
Brazil, Czech Republic, Netherlands


Men's / Women's
Most popular destinations:

* Global Players Featured Sports launching in 2016 include:
Aquatics (Brazil), Baseball (Prague), Basketball (Brazil), Gymnastics (Brazil), Ice Hockey (Prague), Tennis (Brazil)

Don’t see your sport listed as a “Featured Sport”?

Put your sport on the map with our Independent Sport option.
You might be a rugby player or are a member of your university’s golf team and want to study International Business in Prague. You might play lacrosse but want to learn Portuguese in Rio de Janeiro or Spanish in Barcelona. It is possible! The truth is, with Global Players all sports are welcome at all of our athletic centers.

How does it work?
Much like an independent study, as an Independent Sport (GPIS) participant you apply for your program of choice. Once accepted, one of our country Athletic Directors will get busy customizing your personalized athletic curriculum to meet your needs.

NCAA Compliance

Global Players takes great consideration where NCAA compliance is concerned and has a dedicated member of staff on the pulse of all legislation concerning off-season (particularly winter or summer) athletic participation while also consulting compliance officers at a variety of NCAA institutions to ensure policies are in place. All of the Global Players staff have played NCAA sports while in college so we pride ourselves on ensuring that our student-athletes do not jeopardize their athletic commitments but rather use our unique study abroad experience to further enhance their game. Below are a few bylaws that are particularly important when considering a Global Players direct enrollment program outside a team tour. Download our NCAA Compliance & Eligibility for more info.

Injury Prevention

Injuries and accidents happen, whether you are walking down the street on a rainy day or playing pick-up with some friends. The difference is not location, it is prevention.  Global Players’ first priority is safety and we take the necessary precautions to do so. We don't want anyone to sustain an injury on our program as much as you do. Therefore, our “play” curriculum is developed in part for injury prevention and our staff has a specific protocol in the event of an injury.  See Health and Safety for more on Injury Prevention and Concussion Awareness.