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Program Overview

The GPro program in Amsterdam provides student-athletes with a true expat experience. We work together with you from the beginning to ensure that your experience, career goals, timeline and budget is uniquely matched with your internship program. Our goal is to find the right fit by asking the right questions and identifying the right placement opportunities.

During your time abroad, we will provide you with a once in a lifetime experience. All internship programs have Global Players four key components, learn, play, travel and serve, and will include one of a kind opportunities for growth both personally and professionally.

Imagine being an employer with two types of resumes in front of you. One is a college student athlete with experience working in the marketing industry in the United States. The other, a college student athlete that spent the summer outside their comfort zone, immersed in another culture while they gained valuable global work experience with an internship in Amsterdam. Which would you choose?
— Tara Michael, Global Players Co-Founder & CEO

Is GProFLEX right for you?

This program is ideal for the TRAILBLAZER. If you want an internship program that connects the dots while still allowing you room to paint the picture, the GPro Flex program is for you. With GPro FLEX we provide you with pre-departure professional development, placement and basic program logistics while giving you the financial flexibility to manage your budget.