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The Dutch are some of the best athletes on the planet and are dedicated to exceling both on the field and in the workplace. With the GPro Flex program in Amsterdam you can do the same. Amsterdam interns will immerse in local clubs within their sport and compete in games and tournaments when applicable. Being on Europe's doorstep also affords you the opportunity to play in other neighboring countries from Germany or Denmark to as east as Prague or Budapest.

Training & Conditioning: Get Better, Faster, Stronger

The goal of our ‘play’ component is to offer an athletic curriculum that compliments the other vital elements of study abroad from excursions and cultural activities to work experience and field studies. We want you to have a well-balanced, immersive experience and that starts and ends with understanding what you need and ultimately want out of this one of a kind opportunity. While interning in Amsterdam you will be commuting by bike (cardio!) , have a gym membership for independent workouts and strength/conditioning sessions with an on-site Athletic Director. Additionally, when available you will be able to compete and train in your sport with local Dutch athletes. You will also receive an athletic itinerary once you commit to the program outlining the various athletic components based on your sport abroad.

Sports & Competition: Global Players Independent Sports

If you are interested in interning abroad in Amsterdam but your sport is not featured we encourage you to apply. Five steps to adding your sport to the list:

  1. Start an online profile
  2. Meet with a Global Players Student Advisor
  3. Identify athletic goals and objectives
  4. Invite current and former athletes in your sport
  5. Receive ‘GP Independent Sport’ itinerary