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Testimonials & Success Stories

We love to share the success of our Alumni.
Here's what they have to say about their time with Global Players:

I met people from all over the world and learned about different cultures. I was able to connect with other athletes who share the same passion and not only help them learn from me but I learned from them the love of the sport. It far exceeded my expectations. I was able to meet and experience different athletes and cultures from all over the world. It was a life changing experience and I would recommend it for any athlete who wants to do something incredible with their life.”
— Bailey O'Mara, GP '14 Softball, Pacific University

GP made me step out of my comfort zone and open my eyes up to what the world has to offer. It made me realize how much there is to learn and see”
— Esty Byrd, GP '14 FH, William & Mary

It was the best experience I have ever had and I am so thankful to have gotten this amazing opportunity.”
— Melissa Vinall, GP '14 W LAX, Mary Washington

The Global Players experience has given me a thirst for travel and a glimpse of the opportunities the world has to offer. After speaking and meeting people from all over the world I think I have come to understand myself better. I have become more confident and more easily adaptable in new or stressful situations. I feel the GP experience has allowed me to see a new perspective of the world which has had a deep impact on my everyday way of thinking. “
— Tori Zorovich, GP '12, University of Delaware

Global Players actually really did change me as a person. I really learned to take things in stride and live spontaneously. I understand how to be a world traveler instead of a world tourist. It was extremely fun. Traveling through out Europe, making new friends, meeting new people, seeing new places was really a once in a lifetime opportunity; i will cherish it forever.”
— JJ Sagl, GP '11, Goucher College

Mary had such an amazing and wonderful experience these last three weeks. Thank you for calling her and offering such a fabulous experience. It was so great getting her back here, she looked so happy and full excitement. Just wanted to say Thank you to you again.”
— Marie Cuddihy, Mother of Mary Cuddihy GP’10
The experience of a lifetime. Nothing will ever compare to this because of the people and traveling... and the lacrosse was great too”
— Gavin Wilson, GP '14 M LAX, Goucher College

The experience was six weeks but the memories will last a lifetime. Never could I have imagined a better way to spend a summer.”
— Melissa Funsten, GP '14 FH, Davidson College

I visited more amazing places in my 6 weeks abroad than I did in my whole 20 years of living. I was extremely glad that I said yes to becoming a GP. It completely reinvigorated my passion and love for the game. Watching the internationals have such love for the sport reminded me again why I started playing lacrosse. I have also made life long friends that I will treasure forever.”
— Dorian Gilmartin-Dzitko, GP '12, University of Connecticut

The GP experience was like a years worth of personal growth in 1 month. It made me more independent, more open-minded, and a much more effective communicator. Most of all, it gave me much more confidence. I always thought of myself as a confident person, but to be thrust into a completely different culture and expected to integrate and adapt seamlessly was a difficult yet exciting and challenging task. I absolutely loved it.”
— Ryan Plank, GP '11, Florida State University

Over the course of the 2 months I was abroad I really dug deep down inside myself and discovered a lot about who I am and who I want to become. I realized that I cannot control every aspect of my life and sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith and jump into the unknown. Thank you GP and staff so much for everything you have helped me to see and realize in my life. You (and the GP program) had a very, very significant impact on my life and the person I am today. I began the journey I am on with you all and cannot thank you enough for being there for me... I cannot thank you enough for the doors you showed me that I continue to find day in and day out.”
— Maeghan Ross, GP '09, Emerson College

GP Alumni on Getting a Job After College

In all of the interviews I have had after the GP experience, Interviewers are extremely interested in what the GP experience is. Going overseas to help others rather than just go on vacation shows a lot of responsibility and maturity. I bring up Global Players every time I am talking with a prospective employer, and even when I am talking to recruits and their parents. The GP experience not only got me a job coaching in Vienna, Austria but has given me a constant step above the competition when looking for jobs. Not many people can say that they had the chance to play, coach, and help spread the game of lacrosse overseas. Any time I meet a new person, whether it’s a coach, an employer, anyone for that matter; I find myself speaking about my GP experience. “
— Dan Lang, GP '10, Marist College
You have no idea how much having that internship in Prague, on my resume, helped me in my job search. I honestly was astonished, people skipped right to that every interview and it was an ice breaker for conversation from there out.”
— Kyle Reny, GP '10, Marist College

On Being "Too Young"

Even though timing is important in life, sometimes you really just have to jump into things. The sooner you can experience GP, the more beneficial it is to your overall personal development. I asked myself, “What if something comes up the next summer and I miss my chance to travel and study abroad? So blessed to have said “yes”.”
— Taylor Young, GP '11, Cincinnati

On Hosting Global Players

Since I first got to host Global Players a few years ago, i cant wait until they come, and i hate when they go, for many reasons. Not only do they help our developing lacrosse country grow the game and get better every year, they have fun doing it and represent the sport in a great way. What you definitely won’t get when you are with GP, is bored. It’s just always fun! This year, i felt privileged to not only play for GP in tournaments, but also to be given the opportunity to really be integrated in the group for part of the journey through Europe. Most importantly, that way i got the privilege to meet so many great people on the way. The international players from Europe and the players from all over the US, east to west, from up north all the way down to Florida! So i think, what the Global really stands for, is global friendship, and i can’t wait to make travel plans to pay some people a visit! Thank you GP staff for doing a great job, you guys have become good friends and I can’t wait for next year!”
— Valentin Gruber, Graz Gladiators, Austria
Thank you so much for bringing the GP to Austria and Germany. We always learn so much from you. Not only for our own skills but also how to get people in contact with lacrosse. You should be really proud of your program and the things you have achieved with it.”
— Sigrid Neubinger, Out of Bounds Tour ’10, Munich Lacrosse Club, Germany
Everybody here in Delft was excited that GP chose to come to our city helping us out with drills and pointers to prepare us for the next season. It was great being able to sit down with them after practice and hear their stories until late at night and go out into town to have great time together. We want to thank the GP for their effort and passion and all the good things they brought to our club.”
— Tim Wunderlich, Delft Amsterdam
For our team in Graz/Austria it is a great opportunity and especially great inspiration to practice with people which play(ed) at the highest level of lacrosse. Developing lacrosse in a city or a country from the roots is a demanding and hard job and being supported by the best makes it a lot easier and gives us the motivation to continue and improve our work. The players and coaches of the Global Players program were all competent and pleasant people not only on the field but also beside it. Especially your clinic with the school kids was really good and I think they enjoyed it and want to try out the sport. Thank you GP 2011!”
— Georg Teichtmeister Graz Gladiators, Austria

Alumni Ambassadors

Feel free to reach out to any of our GP Alumni Ambassadors with any questions you have about their experience or what to expect by joining.

Mary Lambert 
GP '11 Study Abroad Prague 
Goucher College

Alison Bauer 
GP '11 Intern Abroad Prague
Susquehanna College

Ryan Plank
GP '11 International Coaching Program
Florida State University

Jim Carroll
GP '11 International Coaching Program, Placed in Delft, Current FO for Charlotte Hounds
Colgate University

Mary Cuddihy
GP '10 International Coaching Program, Placed in Vienna, Current Assistant Coach at George Mason University
Hofstra University Graduate

Mackenzie Busby
GP '14 Study Abroad Prague 
Rhodes College

Clara Osmont
GP '14 Study Abroad Prague 
Highpoint University

Alexis Sansone
GP '14 Coach Abroad 

Ashley Shaner
GP '12 Study Abroad Prague 
Goucher College

William Fochtmann
GP '12 Coach Abroad
Clemson University