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Our Four Pillars

Every Global Players program is structured around four key pillars: 

Learn. Play. Travel. Serve.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than the things you did. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from sage harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
— Mark Twain


Through our strategic partnerships, innovative academic courses, on-site leadership training and cultural immersion, we guarantee that you will be learning and growing both personally and professionally every step of the way. The world is your classroom, and we are your guides.

Our LEARN pillar is the most important pillar as we are first and foremost an academic program and all of our dynamic partners and faculty share the same commitment for a high standard of academics.

Short-term academic programs are ideal for the rigorous schedule of the college athlete because you can have an educational experience abroad without risking your athletic commitment at home. Whether you are on the field, in the classroom, living with a host family, or simply roaming the cobblestone streets of Europe or Latin America, you will be learning from everything and everyone around you, including yourself.


Global Players was founded by two former D1 student-athletes so it's no wonder that this pillar is the one that separates us from the rest. Through our athletic immersion program participants will compete and train in the host country with athletes from around the world.

The PLAY pillar is designed with three key ingredients in mind- international competition, fitness training and a gym membership. Our aim is for student-athletes to do as much, if not more than they would at home in the same time period. This gives both player and coach the reassurance that our participants will get a global experience without sacrificing their athletic commitments.

All organized sporting events are both competitive and fun which helps our participants learn balance and creativity within their game. You return home in shape while gaining a new perspective, stronger leadership and communication skills, and renewed love for your sport.


"Tourists" go abroad while "Travelers" grow abroad. Our goal at Global Players is to help you become travelers. We challenge our participants to color outside the lines, taste and try new things and ultimately live like a local while abroad.

Why read about the Mona Lisa when you can see her for yourself? Why watch the Olympics on TV when you can cheer from the stands? TRAVEL is ultimately why you came. As a Global Player, you will dive head first into new cultures. We aren’t there to hold your hand but instead to help you transition from tourist to traveler. As the world becomes ‘flat’ and the playing fields level, it is more vital then ever to have international travel experience. Not to mention it is absolutely unforgettable, often life-changing, and really fun!

Our responsibility is to offer authentic cultural activities, field trips and excursions throughout your program while teaching you tips and tricks of the traveling trade. Your responsibility is to apply what you learned, make the most of your free time and truly take ownership over your experience abroad.


Our programs take athletes "out of bounds" through a variety of service learning opportunities. Participants gain so much from their summer abroad that we feel it is our responsibility to give back, not only as Global Players but as global citizens.

The service pillar of our program is particularly important because we feel it is one of our social obligations as an organization. Many athletes may have the opportunity to travel and play but very few will be able to apply their personal gifts, talents and abilities for the purpose of enriching the lives of others. Whether it is simply growing the game to put a lacrosse stick in a kids hand or a smile on their face, Global Players go 'out of bounds' to improve their world.

We are always interested in diversifying our service tour by partnering with local community organizations in need of help. Whether we restore homes, teach English, or serve food to the homeless, our goal is to reach across cultural divides to better the international community. If you have connections with international service organizations, please contact us.